Why Advantecca?

We are a complete Amazon and ecommerce solution providing agency. Our portfolio is diversified and consist of clients/partners at various stages of business cycles: startups, growth, launch and maturity.

With comprehensive knowledge of business model, our services can add massive value to your business regardless of which phase you are at. 

Our Process.

Free Consultation

When your product pages are well structured, the better you can be at reaching the target audience who are already looking for your product on Amazon.

Audit & Optimization

After auditing account, we work on your product and perform necessary changes. This will increase visibility, attracting buyers who are already looking for your product on Amazon.

Scaling the Business

After we get the ball rolling, we suggest brand growth and business expansion ideas by presenting more products relevant to your niche. We also sell clients products on cross platforms to increase the overall revenue of the brand.

Your success is our success.

Highly Trained and Skilled Team

We have a comprehensive experience of more than seven years working in ecommerce industry. We started and managed online selling accounts of both individuals and enterprises. 

Starting Amazon business is complex and with a dedicated trained team at your disposal, you will always have competitive edge in the marketplace.

Ensure domination over your competitors

There is a lot of intense competition on Amazon. With team Advantecca working by your side, the possibility of dominating is substantial.

Our regular optimizations and improvement in content will keep your brand on top giving you highest advantage.

We have a proven track record of running profitable marketing campaigns while focusing on competitor moves and strategies. Altogether, our observations and expertise combined, helps you stay ahead of the pack.

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You will always have maximum customer satisfaction

We have a dedicate team for every account in Advantecca. Our team continuously work on improving customer’s experience.

We have automated system of sending updates and account information to our clients.

We respond to every query in less than twelve hours and we held bi-weekly meetings to discuss goals, challenges and future strategies to increase business revenue.

We ensure highest level of customer satisfaction for all our clients. 

Our Partners