Amazon PPC Management Services.

Thoroughly researched and efficiently optimized PPC campaigns
are absolutely necessary for a successful listing. When done accurately, PPC can bring in lots of relevant traffic and sales which are much needed especially in the beginning.

Without relevant knowledge and experience, advertising on Amazon can quickly become challenging and overwhelming. With cost of ads rising with time, poorly managed campaigns with no clear plans or strategy will result in loss of precious time and money.

Advantecca comprehensive PPC management service provides a completely strategic solution for all your products. Our team of trained experts carefully develop campaigns after thoroughly researching all the necessary data they extract from observing the competition and marketplace behavior. This greatly helps maximize your sales keeping your ad costs low.

Deliver your product benefits

Engage your customers with Laser-Targeted PPC Campaigns

When making a strong and powerful presence of your brand on Amazon, organized and well-designed product listings are not enough. You need to get maximum visibility in order to get your product out there. The finest way to do this is by taking the leverage of sponsored positions on Amazon. With strategically positioned advertising campaigns, you can easily engage your customers and improve their shopping experience.

Relax and Leave it to the experts

Getting a hold of the entire process from start to finish requires extensive know-how of Amazon advertising platform. Given its frequent algorithm changes, designing and placing sponsored display ads can be difficult. That’s why, to minimize budget burn and risks, leave the management of ad campaigns to the experts here at Advantecca.

Elevate your Sponsored ranking

We design our ad campaigns to reach out to your customers in the most effective way possible. We always try to highlight all the benefits of your brand in every step of marketing. From running brand awareness campaigns to boosting conversion, we deliver a solid message which connects with your customers on a personal level.

Sponsored Ads Management solutions

To ensure that your brand maintains an above-par performance, our advertising campaign management services cover Amazon’s advertising solutions.

Sponsored Products Ads

Displaying your products to your targeted market is our priority. We make sure that your ad appears on relevant keywords in search and detail pages.

Sponsored Brands and Display Ads

Now feature your brand logo, a customized headline and 1-3 products on top of the page. This will give you the opportunity to appear in your customers search results every time.

Astonishing Product Photography

Eye-catching images will make your product stand out from all the clutter. Our in-house photo studio and skilled photography team will ensure the Amazon approved product photography which will leave all your customers fully amazed every time they visit your product listings.

Amazon PPC

Do you want to learn more about how you can apply PPC techniques for your Amazon business?

Here’s a video with Philip, one of our PPC Specialists, breaking down the impact of PPC Ads and Cost per Click CPC when used to your listings early on and aggressively. You’ll be amazed at the ROI. The video will also share how much budget you should set for your campaigns.

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