Top-Grade Sourcing & Logistics Services.

A complete supply chain solution for quality product sourcing right from the industry hub. Our physical offices in top manufacturing countries provide you the all-in-one sourcing and logistics solutions.

Let us help you in finding the Right Supplier for a Successful Amazon FBA Product Launch.

Completely automated sourcing

When it comes to sourcing a product and make a powerful supply chain, looking for suppliers online is not enough. You need to be present there physically for evaluation, negotiations and quality control.

Keeping this in mind, Advantecca has open offices in all major manufacturing countries including China & Pakistan. Our sourcing agents can physically visit the manufacturer, inspect the process, quality and negotiate on-site to make a profitable deal so you don’t have to, saving loads of traveling time and money.

Fast & Secure Logistics

Our physical office in Shenzhen China has a vast network of shipping and logistics partners. When you come onboard, you can take advantage of our network to get fast shipping quotes and real-time tracking of the goods.

Our shipping partners also take care of handling, custom clearance and taxation so your inventory arrive right at your doorstep without any hassle.

Third Party Warehouse & Logistics

Now you do not need to worry about storing your inventory when it arrives. Advantecca has warehouses network all across USA, Canada and UK. We can store your inventory, print Amazon Shipping labels and send it to Amazon warehouse without any difficulty.

Our warehouse also provide inventory prep services for all your dropshipping and private label order fulfilments.

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