Amazon Account Management Services.

Selling a product successfully on Amazon does not take just one thing, but many different key components operating simultaneously. Amazon is different and it’s algorithm including ranking strategies changes everyday. You could find yourself in trouble if you jump in without the proper knowledge of world’s largest online marketplace. 

Our team at Advantecca will provide you a complete and comprehensive, all in one solution to your Amazon account handling, starting or scaling your online business, and keenly look after account health from every aspect. 

Scale your Amazon business

Getting your dedicated Amazon account manager to help in scaling your business is easy. Our team of highly trained and knowledgeable Amazon consultants will coordinate with you and guide you from start to finish to direct your Amazon store towards success. 

Maximize potential revenue

Selling on Amazon is tricky with many challenges and roadblocks. Advantecca management services and strategies will make sure you increase your conversion rates and maximize your revenues. 

Comprehensive support

If you require top of the line support for your Amazon account, look no further..!!  Advantecca has highly proficient and skilled Amazon consultants who are happy to assist you in finding the best possible solutions.

Account management strategies that work.

With a whopping 110 billion dollars sales per
year and increasing rapidly, Amazon opens up huge number of opportunities for starting and growing an online business. With a massive customer base, Amazon sellers always have the opportunity of gaining decent profits by selling their products. However, it is not easy to sell on Amazon due to its strict
guidelines and high standards of customer satisfaction regulations. Need of professional expert to do business successfully on Amazon is a must.

For this, you can easily rely on Advantecca’s professional service ensuring that your online business is always in the hands of right people. Our comprehensive account management service is focused on constant optimizations, tweaking’s and testing operations which are specifically tailored to maximize sales and revenues, keeping your account health and business quality intact.

Our Full Amazon Seller Account Management service covers

Setting Up Amazon Seller Central Account

Advantecca will help you setting up your Amazon account the right way. We will provide you all the necessary knowledge and steps needed to get started on Amazon without any hassle. We will also help in registering business, setting up financial accounts, registering trademarks and listing as a verified brand on Amazon.


Product Listing Optimization

Optimizing your listing is something that has to be done on regular basis. It also requires the knowledge of continuous changing of trends, Amazon updates and competitors strategies. Keeping up with trends will give you the competitive advantage needed to stay on top of the game. Our dedicated teams make sure to implement all those techniques for maintaining and increasing your conversion rates.

SEO - Search Engine Optimization

We know how important it is to have the right keywords placed effectively in your product listings, and that’s why we do it with perfection. Proper SEO helps getting your listings indexed on Amazon providing you the visibility it deserves so your potential customers could easily locate you and buy your products. We thoroughly do Gap analysis to identify all the high-volume long-tailed keywords which always gives you the edge over your competition.

Eye Catching Enhanced Brand Content

A+ content or EBC content is a superb way, allowed only to registered brands on Amazon, to highlight key features and benefits of your product while personalizing your brand image. This gives a clean and premium look to your product listing resulting in increased conversion rate and brand trust. Our designers and sales copy writers will design a strategic layout with captivating images that perfectly resonates with the targeted product descriptions and features.

Amazon Product Listing Management

We follow a detailed checklist we have designed for product listing management. We developed that list by constantly tweaking and experimenting with different techniques over the period of 7 years. This includes the correct categorization, filling of all the vital attributes, proper organization of parent-child listings, researched search terms, and so much more.

Brand Registry & Protection

It is absolutely necessary to get your brand registered on Amazon if you want a competitive advantage over your competition. It require a complicated legal procedure and ample time to complete the whole process. With partnering up with Advantecca, expect that we will take care of the whole process and submitting relevant documents to the authorities. We ensure the protection of your brand from hijackers, counterfeiters and unauthorized sellers.

Launching Products on Amazon

Successful product launches can become challenging at times, but with our experience of doing more than 100+ Amazon launches, Advantecca has a proven formula of getting it done right. We adapt a launch strategy favoring our valued customers, generating swift social proofs for the product. Our experience on the platform and keen attention to all the details allows us to scale up a product launch while preventing hijackers and counterfeiters.

Inventory Prep & Logistics

With a physical office and in-house team deployed in Shenzhen China, we will work as your reliable third-party, inventory prep and shipping partner. We will take care of all the issues and processes related to manufacturing and shipping of the goods safely to Amazon warehouse. We are well versed with all the rules and guidelines require to deliver inventory to Amazon warehouse.

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