Amazon FBA Wholesale Partnership Program.

Selling product on Amazon can sometimes be tricky and time-consuming especially if you are not familiar with the marketplace. Even if you are, the constant pressure of identifying, troubleshooting, and scaling can become overwhelming.

Managing an online business on Amazon require huge amount of time and money including constant efforts. You could also face unexpected expenses in this business. It is still critical than ever to get started in ecommerce given how Amazon is growing its market share and how it has a massive influence on online purchasing. 


Getting on-board with Advantecca in selling wholesale products on Amazon means having dedicated support through all the necessary challenges and tasks in this business model. We will be guiding you throughout the whole process which will help you effectively complete time-consuming tasks involved in this wholesale business.

The Complete solution for growing your Amazon Wholesale Business.

Start & Scale Your Business with us

Starting wholesale business on Amazon could be challenging. With Advantecca, you have a reliable and skilled partner by your side to make this journey easier.

Our expert team is capable of setting up the complete business and manage it without any difficulty.

Complete Account Management

There are many tasks which need to be performed before actual selling begins.

Our team will make sure that everything is in place and in order so you do not run into any trouble when we go live on Amazon. 

Our FBA Wholesale Partnership Program covers.

Finding Reliable Brands for Sourcing Inventory

Based on your desired country of doing business, we will find brands with proven sales record and negotiate with them to make a profitable deal. We will acquire inventory from them on wholesale price to list and sell on Amazon with profit.

Listing Products on Amazon Account

As we get the approval from brand to sell products on Amazon, we will be listing the inventory. We will carefully optimize the product listing from every aspect to stand out from competition which will result in better conversions and swift revenues. 

Marketing the Products to Potential Customers

After the listing in in place, we will identify most profitable keywords for the product and run ad campaigns which will increase visibility, putting our product right in front of potential customers. We will constantly tweak and refine our ads campaigns to maximize returns on Ads spent. 

Managing Returns, Claims and Account health

It is inevitable to not get any returns when selling online but handling them in the right way will build a solid brand trust and strong customer relation. Our team will take care of all the claims and returns and will try to provide the best possible support to the customers. 

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