Amazon Brand Protection Solution.

Identifying and dealing with listing hijackers and counterfeit sellers can get difficult and expensive fast. Almost all Amazon sellers face these constant challenges in their career. Without setting up all the legal documents and necessary protection against violators, your account health and daily sales might drop rapidly. At Advantecca, we want eliminate these issues by providing necessary assistance and support to protect your brand on Amazon.

We take care of all the legal documents and set up necessary protection to prevent your product listings from hijackers. This also includes protection against unauthorized sellers, fake reviews, product infringement and more. This is a necessary step and we recommend all our partners to do this in early stage so their brand can grow stronger on Amazon.

Real-Time Monitoring
No matter how quick and sneaky counterfeiters are, the leave some indications behind which give them away. It is difficult to detect if you don’t have experience dealing with it. Luckily our hawk-eyed team at Advantecca is perfectly trained to closely monitor your activities and brand account status, spot the presence of any threat and eliminate it before it can do any damage.
Instant Measures
Our close monitoring and comprehensive knowledge of dealing with dishonest business practices allows us to catch hijackers early. As soon as their presence is confirmed, we immediately take necessary action as per Amazon guidelines. We take all essential steps without hesitation to protect you brand while reporting counterfeiters to the authorities.
Quick & Reliable Protection
We dealt with many hijackers and unauthorized sellers in the past which has equipped us with knowledge, action guidelines and standards. Given our experience, trainings and commitments to deliver solid results with an aim of exceeding expectations every time, you can count on us as your first line of defense against any threat in Amazon marketplace.

Secure your Amazon business with Brand Protection Services

Brand Protection against Hijackers

Unethical and counterfeit product sellers on Amazon are rising daily. They usually resell counterfeit product with your brand name using black-hat techniques. Their presence is a threat for legit sellers like you.

Without the necessary protection, your brand name and Amazon product store is at serious risk. To protect you online assets, you can count on team Advantecca expert advice and instructions.

We Believe in Honest Business

Our experience of conducting honest business on Amazon is now more than seven years and in this time we have learned its traits.

We strongly condemn all malicious entities that are working out there to make profits even knowing that this will push a legit business owner towards ruin.

Complete Brand Protection Solutions

Don’t let counterfeiters and unauthorized sellers disrupt your Amazon business growth. Take measures to defend you brand by collaborating with our team.

We are highly trained in providing tactical solutions against threats, hence giving your brand complete protection online.  

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